Pushing the boundaries of Economic Knowledge and thinking
Forbidden Economics delivers premium quality, fact-based analysis and thought provoking commentary which examines economic, political, and philosophical issues in a format that is both stimulating for the qualified practitioner and accessible and engaging to the inquisitive layperson.
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Forbidden Economics’ goal is to create the leading public platform for presenting, sharing, and discussing economic, political, philosophical and other social issues, theories and ideas.
Our Mission
Our mission is to advance the frontier of Economic knowledge and thinking; develop and promote a framework of thinking that improves our ability to understand economic, political, and other social issues, and broadens our understanding of these disciplines themselves; and put them in practice to uplift human condition.
International Politics
  • We are determined to raise awareness about the relevance of economic education and champion its propagation. We aim to build a wealth of knowledge and share it with as wide an audience as possible.
  • Our ambition is to push the boundaries of economic knowledge by providing in-depth analysis which enables thorough understanding of economic, political, philosophical and other social issues. We shall strive to present thought provoking commentary that inspires new ideas and drives innovation within these fields. 
  • We also aspire to develop and promote a framework of thinking that improves our ability to investigate, understand, and tackle economic, political, philosophical and other social issues. We are determined to design a framework of thinking that broadens our understanding of the nature of these disciplines itself hence laying the foundation for groundbreaking discoveries. 
  • Finally we want to convert the knowledge acquired into tangible solutions to pending problems and empower our readers to take advantage of the potential it holds to improve their lives and society at large. Forbidden Economics will seek to put the new thinking framework at work to generate ideas and formulate actionable proposals for the benefit of our readers, clients, their communities and humankind in general.
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